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Black Mold is a Silent Killer

As much as we love our homes, it's not always easy to keep them in tip-top shape. One issue that can be overlooked is the presence of black mold, which is a type of fungi that can cause serious health problems if it's allowed to grow unchecked.

How Can I Protect Myself and My Family from Black Mold?

First of all, here are three "DON'T LIVE" recommendations:

  1. Don't live in a humid place.

    Humidity can be a death sentence for your home if you're not careful. Don't take the risk - take action and avoid living in overly moist areas to keep black mold from creeping up on you!

  2. Don't live in a damp place.

    Mold loves humidity and dampness, so if you don't want it to make rules with your well-being, steer clear of basements or attics with poor ventilation. Call it a "mold-ern" way of living!

  3. Don't live in a place with poor air circulation.

    If you can't avoid living somewhere humid or damp, make sure to keep the airflow fresh by opening up windows and doors as frequently as possible. Or even put a fan in each room if it suits you - just try not to set down any furniture that stops the breeze from getting through.

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Understand What Black Mold Is

Black mold is something we hear about more and more today, with entire studies devoted to understanding it further. Black mold, also commonly known as Stachybotrys chartarum, looms as an invisible menace due to its preference for settling in low-ventilated areas. But what is less understood is that, despite it's sinister-sounding reputation, black mold's actual presence in such a space isn't necessarily a cause for alarm.

Black mold forms in any environment where moisture levels exceed forty percent and there is little flow of air - conditions that could easily exist in any number of places without consequence. So black mold can be defeated without panic - but only if detected and treated in the right way by the right mold experts.

But while you may have gotten away with playing hide-and-seek as a kid, don't take chances when it comes to black mold and make sure to treat it quickly before the fungus gets too comfortable with conditions in the house.

Whether despite your efforts to keep your house clean and dry you've been invaded by this nasty fungus, or need peace of mind that there isn't any mold lurking around - a mold inspection will give you the answers you need.

Know the Symptoms of Black Mold Exposure

Black mold produces toxins called mycotoxins that can potentially cause health problems if you're exposed for too long. Symptoms include:

  • headaches;
  • skin rashes;
  • eye irritation;
  • coughing;
  • sneezing;
  • difficulty breathing.

In extreme cases, prolonged exposure could lead to more serious illnesses such as liver damage or cancer. Since children are especially susceptible to these types of toxins, it's important for parents to be aware of the risks posed by black mold exposure.

Avoid Areas Where Black Mold Is Present

If you suspect that there is black mold present in the house, it is important to avoid the area as much as possible. If you must go into an area where black mold grows, make sure to wear protective clothing, such as gloves and a mask. All joking aside, mold can be a serious health hazard if it's not caught early and you don't arrange for mold removal properly.

Clean Up Any Water Leaks or Flooding Promptly

The best way to prevent black mold from growing in your house is to clean up any water leaks or flooding promptly. If you have a leaky roof or plumbing issue, make sure to repair the problem ASAP. If your home has been flooded, make sure to dry it out completely within 24-48 hours to prevent mold from growing.

Keep Your Home Clean and Dry

Mold thrives in damp and dirty environments, so it is important to keep your home clean and dry if you want to prevent it from growing. Vacuum and dust regularly, and make sure to clean up any spills or messes right away. In addition, use a dehumidifier in any rooms that tend to be damp, such as basements or laundry rooms.

Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers can help to remove mold spores from the air, which can help to prevent them from taking root and growing into full-blown mold colonies. Be sure to choose an air purifier that has been specifically designed for mold prevention.

Call for Mold Inspection if You Suspect Anything is Growing

Certified mold inspectors will find any mold colonies hidden in walls or hard-to-reach places, and make sure all infestations are properly treated. The peace of mind provided by true experts will put you at ease and help protect your family from mold-related health problems, so give us a call today at 703-953-1954.


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