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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Reston

When the tile was new, your gaze glided easily over the expanse of the floor, barely noticing the fresh, clean grout lines at all. It was perfect. Today it's a different story. Every time you look at the floor, your eyes are drawn to the mottled and dark grout lines, so ugly, so not what you want in your home.

Call Reston Carpet Cleaning and ask for our tile cleaning service. We'll revive the appearance of your kitchen, entryway, hallway, bathroom, shower, and even screened in porches or sunrooms. Our experts can steam away grime and moldy discoloration, without damaging the grout of the surface of the tiles.

The pH of Cleaning

There are tons of suggestions that vinegar will help with moldy grout in the bathroom, but we suggest you don't. Vinegar is an acid, and acids can eat away at the grout, destroying it. So never put vinegar or other acidic substances on your tiles!

We use neutral cleaning solutions, to clean tile and grout without the risk of damage. If you've never seen a professional steam cleaning, we invite you to watch our technicians as they work. Tile steam cleaning is the closest thing we know to magic in cleaning.

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