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Mold Testing and Inspection in Reston

Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Reston offers mold inspection and mold testing services to our valuable customers. We want to create awareness about the fact that mold can be dangerous for human health, which is why it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as possible. The sole reason for the existence of mold removal companies is to make the life of a client easier by doing all mold removal tasks.

How to Get Rid of Mold in Reston

Mold testing and removal are necessary once it is quite clear that there is mold in the house. Getting rid of mold in a house is the next step after contacting Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Reston. Mold remediation is the process under which mold spores spread in the air but for that people need to do inspection and testing first to get an idea whether they need this service or not. In order to get rid of the mold, the following steps are necessary:

Mold Inspection

  • The need for Mold inspections: People want to know if they have mold, what they need to do for taking care of it, and/or how much it will cost.
  • The Process: A mold remediation specialist comes to the house, and does a visual inspection. At this stage, mold testing is not involved. The mold specialist would use special mold detectors and other tools to get an idea about the kind of mold in the house. It could be black mold, for which black mold removal would become necessary. Mildew remover would assist in getting rid of some stains. A moisture detector would assist in finding the areas of the house, which are wet. Based on the specialist findings and his knowledge of getting rid of mold in the house, he will make a detailed written estimate of all the activities that will be required for a full mold remediation.
  • Availability of results: The written estimate will be available to the customer by the end of the next business day.
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Once you try our high quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!
Call Now To Schedule! 703-953-1954
Once you try our high quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!

Mold Testing

  • The need of Mold Testing: Mold Testing is necessary to get confirmation that there is mold growth in the area if they are not sure, or to get proof that there is mold if needed for insurance or some other need.
  • The Process: Mold testing technicians come to the property and take samples to see if there is a mold problem in a specific suspected area of the building. One air sample from the outdoor area is taken as a control to show the normal mold conditions, and one sample or multiple samples from the affected area.
  • Mold Sampling: Sampling can be air sampling or material sampling - taking some materials affected by the mold. Samples are sent to an independent laboratory, who measures the quantities of mold in the samples and types of mold present.
  • Availability of results: A report is available within a few business days, but can be rushed for the next day for an additional fee.

Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Reston is a mold killer for our clients and provide mold removal services in Reston, which can assist in making the life of customers easier. Give us a call for more information 703-953-1954.

Mold Testing and Inspection: How Much It Costs

Mold testing is very affordable and can save you a lot of money in the long run. And mold inspectors can help you to identify mold issues early on, before they become a major problem.

Mold inspection in Reston $149
Mold testing in Reston $395
Any additional sample for mold testing $95
Moisture issues detection with thermal imaging camera $129


FAQ: Mold Testing and Inspection

Who Does Mold Inspections Near Me?

Mold can cause harm to you and your family. Thus one must immediately get emergency mold inspection services. If you need mold inspection in Reston, we are here to help. The professionals at our place are trained and certified to do their job. Our service providers inspect the entire property and find all the hidden mold. The sooner you get an inspection, the sooner you can move towards a solution.

Is Mold Testing Necessary?

One doesn't always need a mold inspection and testing to identify mold. Often moldy patches and foul odors indicate the presence of mold. Furthermore, you could experience mold toxicity symptoms such as red eyes and aggravated sinus and nasal irritation. These symptoms make one thing clear your home is indeed infected. Still getting your home tested, allows professionals to get an idea about the type of mold and the treatment required.

How Long Does Mold Testing Take?

Professional mold testing may take a few hours or even an entire day. It depends on how major the contamination is. Moreover, the size of the house / commercial building, the type of mold, and the extent of damage affect the time frame. If it is small-scale contamination, you could get free in an hour or so, but when mold seeps into the walls of a house, one needs more time to detect it. On average, the duration can be between 1 to 6 hours.

Is There a Test for Mold Toxicity?

Living with mold can be harmful and might increase toxicity in your system. Thus, getting a mold inspection for your home is a must. Without getting tested, you can’t save yourself from harm. To save yourself from unwanted complications, avoid using DIY mold testing kits. These do not provide a hundred percent accurate result and will not help you assess the situation accurately. Always go for professionals because they can carry out each test safely and provide correct results.

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